We share the same passion with you: stamps

We share the same passion with you: stamps

We have grown up among stamps: stamps have always been part of our life, and in the end the game has become the job.
That's why we understand the longing for the missing stamp, and the great satisfaction in completing one's own collection stamp by stamp, set by set.

We can help you in your quest for mint or used stamps, from all countries: we have a huge worldwide stock, though we specialize in British Colonies and British Commonwealth.

This is what you can do: you send us your wantslist, we examine it and we send you back a list of what we can supply you with our net prices and payment methods.
If you accept our offer partly or completely, then we send you the stamps as soon as we receive the payment.

Complete the form below to get all the informations you need: it will be our pleasure to answer as soon as we receive it.

We share the same passion with you: stamps

Studio Filatelico della Serra

Via Andrate, 22
10013 Borgofranco d’Ivrea (TO) Italy

Tel. +39 0125 751147

Fax +39 0125 752162


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